CU Aid Activated to Help Victims of South Carolina Fire

CU Aid buttonFirefighters’ credit unions across America are rallying to collect donations through to help provide comfort to survivors and families of firefighters lost in the deadliest inferno on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001.

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation and South Carolina Firefighters Federal Credit Union in Columbia will deliver donations through to two causes:

1) a unified memorial service for the nine fallen firefighters
2) the Charleston Firemen's Fund to benefit families of the fallen firefighters

A new donation form at allows each donor to designate their donation to either the SC Firefighters' Memorial Fund or the City of Charleston Firemen's Fund.

Questions about how donations will be used locally can be directed to:
Bill Kennedy, President & CEO
South Carolina Firefighters FCU
Work phone: (803) 454-1804
Cell phone: (803) 920-0198

Firefighters’ credit unions from as far away as California are coming together to raise funds for the fallen firefighters. “We truly appreciate the commitment of the National Credit Union Foundation and supporters throughout the credit union movement to honor our heroes,” said Kennedy.

CU Aid was developed by the National Credit Union Foundation in cooperation with state credit union foundations, leagues, and the Credit Union National Association’s Disaster Preparedness Committee.

How Credit Unions Can Help

Credit unions that want to help are encouraged to take three steps:

1) Download any of the buttons and banners, as well as related disaster relief "campaign materials” from

2) Place a button and/or banner with a link to on their organization’s internet and intranet home pages.

3) Use the sample letters, statement stuffer and point-of-sale materials to encourage employees, volunteers, and members to make donations to that will help survivors and victims’ families recover from this disaster and future disasters.

Credit union members, employees, volunteers, and credit unions themselves can all donate through

All donations through are channeled through the National Credit Union Foundation, which is a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. All individual donors will receive an instant thank-you note to acknowledge the amount of their donation and the tax-deductibility.

The National Credit Union Foundation will in turn grant all the money raised in this effort to the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation to deliver the money to those who need it in South Carolina.

CU Aid is free of charge to credit unions and donors. It's provided by the National Credit Union Foundation as a service to the credit union movement.

“The more people who use CU Aid, the more effective we will be throughout the credit union movement in reaching those who need our help,” explains NCUF Deputy Director Steve Bosack. “Through, we can collect donations more efficiently and distribute funds much faster to credit unions and their supporters in the disaster area.”
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