Demand for Development Education Rising,
Despite Economy

Spring & Summer Classes Already More than Half Full via “Word-of-Mouth”

Scholarships Now Available for May 13-19

Sign up to become a CUDE!Despite predictions that credit unions would stay home and wait out the recession, the Credit Union Development Education (DE) training class scheduled for May 13-19 is already more than half full with paid registrations.

Even more surprising, these early registrations have come in exclusively via word of mouth.

“We haven’t even begun to market the 2009 DE training programs until today!” relates Steve Delfin, executive director of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). “Yet graduates of past DE programs have been encouraging their colleagues and co-workers to sign up. Development Educators strongly believe, as we do, that this year it’s more crucial than ever to learn to leverage credit unions’ cooperative business model as a competitive advantage.”

New Urgency

Click to see Strategy & Business....Why? Delfin says part of the answer is in the Spring 2009 issue of the nationally recognized Strategy & Business Magazine. An article headlined "Not Just for Profit” predicts alternatives to stockholder-centric business models will arise from the current economic crisis… and contribute more to the future of the world.

The article focuses on the value of “hybrid” business models – like cooperative credit unions – that don’t feel short-term pressures from stockholders.

Rather, credit unions maintain a “mission controlled, for benefit” focus that provides socially responsible governance and solutions for consumers. This empowers credit unions to achieve a “triple bottom line” that benefits their business, their members, and their communities.

“DE Training in 2009 will incorporate emerging economic discussions while continuing to provide critical lessons in cooperative principles and credit union philosophy,” assures DE Training Facilitator Tom Decker, director of social impact management for NCUF. “We plan to show this year’s trainees how the member-centric business model will enable credit unions to weather the economic storm better than most for-profit institutions.”

New Location

Click to see Lake Lawn Resort!
The first of this year’s DE training classes will take place from May 13-19 in a new location:

Lake Lawn Resort
2400 E. Geneva St.
Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

This resort stretching across 2.5 miles of lakefront is a serene setting for retreats.

DE participants will find the resort about 50 minutes from either Madison or Milwaukee, or less than two hours from Chicago.

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Who Should Attend – And Why

Sign up for this interactive experience!DE training is open to everyone from new employees who need a credit union orientation to seasoned executives who need to recharge.

Participants cite many benefits of attending DE training:

  • Graduates acquire skills in credit union outreach initiatives, problem solving, technical assistance, team building, and public presentations.

  • Graduates earn certification as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). They join a networking group including over 800 graduates across America and 10 other countries.

  • CUDEs realize that local issues are indeed global – and that credit unions grow stronger by working cooperatively.

  • CUDEs return to their jobs with new understanding of how to promote cooperative principles and credit union values as distinct advantages in today’s competitive financial services marketplace.

    “All financial institutions offer a commodity,” points out 2008 graduate Lily Newfarmer, CUDE and president/CEO of Tarrant County Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas. “We are all trying to get the same loans, checking accounts, etc. What sets credit unions apart from our fierce competition are our cooperative principles and credit union philosophy. If we don’t embrace these differences and show our members that we’re better because we’re unique, our very existence is in jeopardy.”

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  • Scholarships Available

    Scholarships are available through NCUF’s DE Fund and through several state credit union foundations and leagues.

    “We realize that the economy is tough, so we want to do everything we can to make it easy as possible for credit unions to send representatives to DE training,” Decker confirms.

    Interested in a scholarship? Several states provide specific scholarship information on the "How To Register" for DE page.

    If you don't see your state listed there: contact your state foundation or league.

    If there's no DE scholarship available in your state, contact NCUF's Tom Decker: or 800-356-9655, extension 4374.

    Room & Meals Included

    The registration fee of $1,750 includes six nights of lodging, as well as all training materials and meals.
    DE Class Graduation Photo

    More about the DE Program:

    The mission of the Credit Union Development Education (DE) program is to promote credit unions’ social responsibility and domestic and international development through interactive adult education and professional networking.

    By linking credit unions’ past and present, the DE program brings renewed relevance to credit unions’ seven cooperative principles and the philosophy of “People Helping People.”
    Over the past 27 years, more than 800 credit union advocates have graduated from DE Training to become Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs). Once they earn their CUDE designation, people return to their jobs with a sense of personal enrichment and renewed energy to share what they have learned. This growing corps of credit union advocates devotes professional and volunteer time to spreading the credit union message to audiences throughout the country.

    CUDEs represent a cross section of the cooperative sector, including 434 active volunteers from US credit unions and leagues, and from Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Scotland, and the West Indies.

    The National Credit Union Foundation is the primary sponsor of the DE program. Support is provided by CUNA Mutual Group, the Credit Union National Association, the World Council of Credit Unions, state foundations and leagues.
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