Filene / NCUF Research Shows How Modest-Income Savers Think

Click here for the full research report...A new research report sponsored by the Filene Research Institute and funded in part by the National Credit Union Foundation offers insight into how consumers with low and moderate incomes approach money, savings, and their children’s financial futures.

The study finds that the two most frequent metaphors in credit union marketing evoke limited emotional response. In contrast, researchers identified more than 15 core metaphoric categories that evoke emotion across cultures. Since emotions often drive the subconscious decision-making process, evoking emotion in marketing is crucial to engaging current and potential members.

“The tool can deepen our understanding of how to increase saving activity among low- to moderatie-income households,” says Filene Chief Research Officer George Hofheimer.
NCUF funded this report as part of the REAL Solutions™ program to help credit unions better understand and serve low-wealth and modest means households.
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