CUAid Activated for Credit Union Survivors of Hurricane Ike

National Credit Union Foundation, Texas Credit Union Foundation Appeal for Donations from Credit Union Supporters Across America

Please click here to help survivors of Hurricane Ike.
The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), the Texas Credit Union Foundation, and the Louisiana Credit Union Foundation have activated the online disaster relief system to raise money for credit union people affected by Hurricane Ike.

Credit union supporters in every state can now make donations through a secured website that accepts credit cards and wire transfers. While Texas credit unions can donate directly to the Texas Credit Union Foundation, individuals in Texas are encouraged to donate online via Likewise, while Louisiana credit unions can donate directly to the Louisiana Credit Union Foundation, individuals in Louisiana are encouraged to donate online via

Credit union supporters everywhere else can donate via

“We are encouraging credit union leaders all across the county to use as a channel to collect donations from their employees, volunteers, and members,” explained NCUF Deputy Director Steve Bosack.

“It never ceases to amaze me how willing the credit union movement is to open their hearts to one another in times of disaster,” noted Texas Credit Union Foundation Executive Director Jill Pharr. “Often times, consumers want to help in disaster situations, but they don’t always know how to channel their desires. CUAid is a wonderful tool to facilitate a relationship between donors and a reputable charitable organization. We are encouraging credit unions across the Lone Star State to make the CUAid link available on their website, so employees and members alike can contribute to disaster relief efforts.”

As donations are posted through, NCUF will coordinate with the state credit union foundations to distribute money efficiently to those who need it in the affected areas.

“We will work closely with affected credit unions and the Texas Credit Union League to assess the needs in the affected areas,” confirmed Pharr. “We will also serve as the repository for Texas credit union disaster donations, which will then be provided in the form of emergency grants for credit union employees.”

The Texas Credit Union Foundation has a two-phase support system, beginning with emergency grants of up to $500 to assist affected credit union employees with their immediate needs. The second phase will provide support for credit union employees with unmet needs after other relief has been exhausted. The Louisiana Credit Union Foundation is planning a similar grant-making system as well.

All donations via will go toward grants as well. Donations will be forwarded in their entirety to credit union organizations in affected areas through NCUF, which is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

“CU Aid is one of many ways our Foundation gives back to the credit union movement to thank donors for all their generosity,” Bosack concluded.

About CUAid:

CUAid was developed by NCUF in cooperation with state credit union foundations, state credit union leagues, and the Credit Union National Association’s Disaster Preparedness Committee.

The secure online tool links the entire credit union system to raise money for disaster relief, most recently after the Iowa floods and California wildfires.

CUAid is the only program of its kind that enables credit union employees, volunteers, and members, as well as credit unions and state credit union foundations across the US, to contribute directly to support other credit union people.

In Texas, CUAid can be found at, as well as links from the Texas Credit Union Foundation website at and the Texas Credit Union League’s website at