Biz Kid$ TV Series Will Air on 279 PBS Stations in 43 States

Biz Kid$
Starting early in 2008, 279 PBS television stations have committed to broadcast the Biz Kid$ TV series exclusively underwritten by America’s Credit Unions to teach kids about money.

The 26-episode series is scheduled to debut in 20 of the nation’s top 25 public television markets, including the top three:
  • Los Angeles,
  • New York City,
  • and Chicago.
Biz Kid$ will be seen initially in at least 43 states, according to early 2008 broadcast commitments. In fact, PBS networks have already contracted to broadcast Biz Kid$ on every station in these 13 states:
  • Alabama,
  • Indiana,
  • Kentucky,
  • Montana,
  • Nebraska,
  • New Hampshire,
  • New Jersey,
  • New York,
  • North Carolina,
  • North Dakota,
  • Rhode Island,
  • South Dakota,
  • and Vermont.
Biz Kid$ will also be seen on PBS stations covering many major cities, such as:
  • Atlanta, Georgia;
  • Austin, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas;
  • Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana;
  • Boston, Massachusetts;
  • Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Memphis, Tenn.;
  • Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio;
  • Columbia, S.C.;
  • Detroit and East Lansing, Michigan;
  • Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, Florida;
  • Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
  • Hartford, Connecticut;
  • Jackson, Mississippi;
  • Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri;
  • Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada;
  • Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota;
  • Oklahoma City;
  • Salt Lake City, Utah;
  • Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, California;
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Washington;
  • Tempe, Arizona;
  • Topeka and Wichita, Kansas;
  • and Washington, DC... to name just a few.
In rural areas, Biz Kid$ can be seen on many regional PBS networks, such as Blue Ridge PBS, which covers significant areas in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

“The number of PBS stations committing to carry Biz Kid$ is growing daily,” reports RoxAnne Kruger, Biz Kid$ Project Manager at the Washington Credit Union Foundation. “Many other cities in 43 states are already on the list, representing a diverse geographic balance of coverage across the country in big market areas.”

The 279 committed PBS stations represent over 80% of America's PBS stations. More are expected to commit by February.

Biz Kid$ will also air on all High Definition (HD) Channel PBS stations (approximately 100) on Sundays at 5 p.m. beginning on Jan. 27, 2008. This means all PBS stations that have HD channels will air Biz Kid$ at the same designated day and time slot across America.

Biz Kid$ is already airing in the United Kingdom and Ireland on a national business channel.

Produced in high definition by the Emmy Award-winning creators of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Biz Kid$ is a fun, fast-paced series designed to entertain, engage, and elevate kids’ knowledge about money.

The vision is for Biz Kid$ to do for financial education what Bill Nye did for science. For comparison, Bill Nye the Science Guy initially launched on 40 PBS stations.

Credit Unions Recognized On the Air

America's Credit UnionsEvery Biz Kid$ episode will begin and end with a narrator reminding viewers that:

“Production funding for Biz Kid$ is provided by America’s Credit Unions, where people are worth more than money.”

Funding Biz Kid$ through Credit Unions

National Credit Union FoundationThe National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) is the largest funder of the America’s Credit Unions underwriting group. NCUF committed $2 million to Biz Kids over three years from a special sub-fund of its Community Investment Fund (CIF).

“The National Credit Union Foundation is proud to be Biz Kid$’ largest sponsor,” affirmed NCUF Executive Director Steve Delfin. “This TV series, together with the teaching curriculum being produced in partnership with Junior Achievement, will fulfill a key part of our mission: to bring financial education and literacy to our nation’s youth. Biz Kid$ has the potential to be the most visible youth financial literacy program our nation has ever seen.”

Additional Funding Needed for Second Season

The first 13 episodes of Biz Kid$ are produced and paid for. “National underwriting dollars are needed now for the second 13 episodes currently in production,” explains Kruger. “We are asking credit union supporters to please consider a contribution before Biz Kid$ airs in 2008 to help cover the television production, website and curriculum development costs.”

To keep Biz Kid$ on the air with credit unions’ funding, supporters can contact their state credit union league to receive wire transfer information, or a fill out the pledge form here.

“When you fulfill your pledge to Biz Kid$, you will become a part of television history,” concludes Delfin. “You will join the underwriting team supporting the first national TV series ever funded by credit unions.”

Credit Unions Can Teach Biz Kid$

Junior AchievementEach episode of Biz Kid$ will come with teaching materials developed by Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide to be used in classrooms and homes. Junior Achievement can help open doors for credit union staff and volunteers to teach financial literacy to as many as 4 million students in 178,000 classrooms.

Companion materials and other resources for teachers and parents will be available at no cost on the Biz Kid$ website, The site also features clips from the series and invites kids to appear on the show.

Website visitors can now sign up for the Biz Kid$ monthly newsletter, The Vault. The e-mailed newsletter offers ideas on how kids can start their own businesses, earn money, and make their money grow.

“We profile real kids running real businesses, from big companies with product lines to small businesses like dog-walking,” says Biz Kid$ Executive Producer Jamie Hammond. “The series also shows kids who are running businesses to advance social causes and give back to their communities. This humanizes the financial literacy aspect of the production and shows kids the range of possibilities available to anyone who wants to become a biz kid.”• • • • •

Biz Kid$ is produced in association with JA Worldwide and WXXI Public Broadcasting in Rochester, New York. The show is distributed by American Public Television.

Major funding for Biz Kid$ is provided by a coalition of America’s Credit Unions, led by the National Credit Union Foundation and the Washington Credit Union Foundation.

• • • • •